The Makings of the Best Action Cam

  • There are a lot of brands and models that claim to be the best action cam
  • Things that make an action camera the best
  • Possibility of finding the best action cam

If you ask a thousand adventurers and adrenaline junkies what they think the best action cam is, you’d get a long list of different camera brands and camera models. After all, evaluating cameras can be subjective in a way.


So what makes the best action cam? Simple, be reliable. After all, we choose the best according to how reliable a person or thing is. Perhaps due to inherent human instinct to explore the unknown, or because of the constant thirst for adventure, people around the world go far and wide to try new things. And subsequently, in order to become the best action cam, a camera should be able to keep up with such activities.

Whether it be rock climbing, or diving, the best action cam can keep up with its user. Yes, not all cameras in the market can keep up with human batteries and still maintain long battery life and sophisticated shots. But with the recent advancements in technology, such camera is not long from actuality.

Aside from reliability, the price is also a big contributor to whether a camera will be deemed the best action cam around. An action camera may be extremely advanced, but if it’s practically out of reach of anyone who couldn’t afford releasing millions in one go, it may not be the best yet.

People’s opinions highly depend on their experience with a particular product. Therefore, if people don’t know a certain action camera exists, or couldn’t get their hands on one, how can they determine if it’s the best?

That’s impossible, you might say. But so were floatation and flying before someone finally defied the odds. Okay, maybe I’ve defined my dream action cam here, but if there’s such a camera that’s affordable and reliable, how can you not call it the best, right?

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